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We all have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to maintain a professional attitude of it could happen here where safeguarding is concerned.

This means: 

Our school is committed to safeguarding children and maintaining a vigilant and safe environment. Everyone has a responsibility to act without delay to protect children. The school seeks to work in partnership with families and other agencies to improve the outcomes for children who are vulnerable or in need. We do this through child protection, health care plans, health and safety, safety on educational visits, pastoral support and much more.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play. In order to fulfil this responsibility effectively, all professionals should make sure their approach is child-centred. This means that they should consider, at all times, what is in the best interests of the child.’  (Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019)

  • Protecting children from maltreatment
  • Preventing impairment of children’s health or development
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
  • Taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcome

All staff are encouraged to report any concerns that they have and not see these as insignificant. On occasions, a referral is justified by a single incident such as an injury or disclosure of abuse. More often however, concerns accumulate over a period of time and are evidenced by building up a picture of harm over time; this is particularly true in cases of emotional abuse and neglect. In these circumstances, it is crucial that staff record and pass on concerns to the Safeguarding Team or, where necessary, Staffordshire Children’s Advice and Support Service or the Police.

The St John’s safeguarding team is made up of:

E. Challiner: Designated Safeguarding Lead
S. Biddulph: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
H. Byrne: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

E-Challiner            S-Biddulph          H-Byrne

     Miss E. Challiner          Mrs S. Biddulph              Mrs H. Byrne

Please note all members of the team have an equal voice and commit to peer-review to ensure a balanced consultative approach.

There is a Penk Valley Trust Safeguarding Committee to oversee implementation of policy chaired by the Trust's Safeguarding Champion and a link Safeguarding Trustee with oversight.

H. Barron: Trust Safeguarding Champion  
C Mellins: Chair of Governors
Mark Roberts: Safeguarding Trustee 

You can read our Safeguarding Policy on our Policy page.